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Trenta Glass Partition Systems

TRENTA office partition systems, which enter the demountable office partition systems with a modern line approach and are preferred for providing both bright, transparent and comfortable work stations for most projects, aim to meet all needs with various glass combinations.

Applied as a 50mm high floor and ceiling profile and a 10mm thick single-glazed partition as standard, Trenta can be offered with a profile system that is thinned up to 28mm depending on the demands and application area. In double-glazed office partition applications, an acoustic solution can be provided at the same time, while the profile thicknesses vary according to the details, but can be solved as 65mm or 96mm.

At the glass-glass junctions, materials that do not lose their transparency and clean appearance over time are preferred, while transparent tape, transparent silicone or transparent polycarbonate H wick are used most.

Complementing simple, elegant and stylish designs, Trenta glass partition systems will add value to your project.

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