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The requirements of the geography we live in today, environmental factors and the gradual depletion of energy resources also affect architectural trends. When it comes to rising green buildings and smart buildings, one of the most discussed issues during the project phase is energy saving. Topics such as maximum use of natural daylight, prevention of heat losses, and minimum use of energy in cooling are important for many buildings and also for the benefit of society.

Danpatherm; double-layered, heat-insulated transparent facade system, applied with a unique detail designed by Danpal, offers both natural and comfortable light and a fully heat-insulated facade system. Glass wool can be used between the double-layer  polycarbonate panels, depending on the heat insulation and light transmittance levels required in the project. In this way, the U value provided by the system decreases to 0.56 (W/m².K).

The modular façade system prepared in the factory with aluminum cassette is easily and very quickly assembled in the site. Window or door openings can be opened in the translucent façade system and can be adapted to the system. Advantages such as lightness, waste-free and fast application, high pressure resistance, unbreakability provided by the material provide an economical solution compared to many similar applications. The economic advantage obtained in the first application continues as energy savings will be achieved throughout the usage period.

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