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Acoustic partition walls, which have become indispensable in business centers, offices and organization & invitation halls as well as hotels in recent years, are now starting to serve the project from the design stage.
The details that need to be solved at the project stage are not limited to the panel layout for optimum benefit. The unit weight of the movable partition wall systems is 55-60 kg/m² on average and it moves on the rails placed on the ceiling without a rail or guide on the floor. It transfers a significant load to the roof carrier system during its movement or parking position. Static controls and steel construction connection details are the points that require solutions at the first stage. Then, panel placement and parking space positions studies reveal the function of the movable wall in the project.
Sometimes in-panel doors are added to the project in order to provide the transition between the rooms formed by the movable partition or in accordance with the fire scenarios. It can be produced as single wing or double wing according to the need, the door passage size may vary according to the panel dimensions. Although the standard solutions require the panels to be double-hung in order to open the door inside the panel, unlike other alternatives, our company can also apply the single-leaf door application on single-hung panels. This provides the advantage of providing a more economical solution in some partition wall projects.
One of the decisions that will increase the function of acoustic partition panels in the project is the sound insulation value. The sound insulation value determined by the certificates obtained from international laboratories is applied according to the project requirement. This need generally varies according to the size of the volumes and their intended use. It would be appropriate to get support from an experienced consultant in acoustics when determining the required sound insulation value.

The final stage is the material selection for the surface coating of the movable panels. In general, it proceeds according to the interior architecture decisions. Although alternative colors are available for the melamine surface offered by our company as a standard, it is also possible to work together for decorative coatings. The installation of externally available decorative coatings is also completed by our team.

You can get project support for movable partition walls from the design stage. Thus, a healthy progress can be made for the static issues that need to be resolved at the first stage.

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