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The pools for 4 seasons!

The first option is the collapsible roof cover systems, which are telescopically opened with motor or manually, and designed with transparent or semi-transparent material. It is produced in special dimensions suitable for the project and finished with application-specific details. It offers a combination of daylight transmittance and spaciousness and comfort without breaking away from the natural environment in the space. It can be used with glass combinations or polycarbonate material to be selected according to the place of use and need. In addition, they are systems that help to create pleasant spaces with the aesthetics of glass and perfectly solved application details. Telescopic pool covers can also be produced with specially designed profile systems. Thus, it is possible to use the outdoor pools in 4 seasons.

Telescopic pool closure systems can be formed in sizes to close a semi-Olympic pool. When the collapsible pool system is in the open position, the system is fixed on one or both sides as modules stacked on top of each other. It is possible to project it in different forms according to the sizes and user demand.

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