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The New Indispensable for Meeting Halls

Acoustic partition panels bring more functional areas to large or small meeting and organization rooms with the possibility of movable partitions and combinations. It facilitates the provision of services by paving the way for businesses in the need of small or few halls that may be needed for various trainings, meetings and organizations, while making client services more economical for both investors and customers at the same time. Partition wall systems are also capable of responding to functional and aesthetic concerns, as they can be applied for very high ceilings, can be easily moved and stored in parking areas, and allow different decorative surface coatings. Folding wall systems slide on a continuous aluminum rail profile on the ceiling. It does not have any guides or profiles on the floor. When locked, it makes direct contact with the living room floor. For this reason, when it is taken to the parking area, there is no element that will disrupt the integrity of the hall. Surface coating alternatives can be solved with various materials such as wood, wallpaper coating, vinyl. However, in order to provide acoustic values, it is recommended to avoid very heavy coatings that will bring extra load due to the material weights used in the inner filling and frame of the partition walls.

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