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Tensioned Membrane Systems

Tensioned membrane structures that can be designed to respond to flexible architectural forms on steel or reinforced concrete carrier construction and that provide protection without being damaged in all weather conditions find many application areas. As we can see in the patio, garden, terrace areas of the houses, it is also preferred as a top cover in stadium projects. Apart from these, with the advantage of being a lightweight building material, it is widely used in many areas such as business and trade centers, educational buildings, tourism and cultural buildings, sports complexes.

When the durable, block-out membranes used in the top cover are presented with the right engineering work, they can carry wind load, snow load, are not affected by rain and humidity, protect from the harmful rays of the sun and are a good shading element.

Bat shaped awnings, which are designed as a shading system, evoking flexibility in design, are a canopy system that is inspired by the enormous wings of the bat and integrated with the aesthetics of nature. Bat shaped awnings, which can be easily used in interior design and outdoor shading, offer you unlimited model and options while preventing water accumulation and water permeability when the required slope is given.

While you see that your choice did not mislead you, we will take pride in the service we provide. 

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