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Stylish and Functional: Retractable Membrane Awning

It is very easy to transform open spaces into closed spaces with openable awning systems. Awnings make open areas usable for 4 seasons. It can withstand bad weather and is very easy to use.

The membrane used in the awnings is produced considering the safety factor. It is impermeable to harmful sun rays and fireproof. It is not affected by precipitation, and thanks to its sloping structure, it protects the place from water. Awnings are designed to withstand strong winds, so they are not torn or damaged. Likewise, the carrier of the awning system is made of stainless material, the connection parts are not affected by external conditions. While the awnings protect the outdoor spaces against bad weather conditions, they do not prevent the spaciousness that the spaces can offer by being fully opened when preferred.

Especially preferred in cafes, restaurants, hotels, trade centers and residences, openable awnings can adapt to the designs of spaces as they can offer different color alternatives and can be produced in special sizes. Thanks to their elegance and functionality, they are systems that help the spaces to be used more efficiently. 


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