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Simplicity And Elegance In Office Design

It is a scientifically proven fact that the places where we work in the busy and stressful agenda of working life are as comfortable, bright and transparent as possible, positively affecting psychology. For this reason, it finds solutions for office partition systems with transparent glass partitions that are both stylish and functional, and that will allow daylight to be used comfortably in office volumes. In addition, there are numerous decoration options in surface coatings for demountable office partition systems, where solid modules can be used for an opaque appearance. While various coatings such as window film are used for modules with transparent glass, colored glasses can be used in filled modules and various wooden panels can be preferred. Door solutions can also offer different alternatives among glass office partition systems. For example, while the continuation of transparency can be achieved with glass door wings, solid wooden doors also add elegance to office designs with a different touch. Cable channels that can be used next to the door modules and electronic access systems or digital screens preferred at the door entrance are also among the other options that can be integrated into the modular partition walls.

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