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Serge Ferrari

Sustainable, lightweight and recyclable architectural solutions in the 21st century.

In contemporary architecture, there are many buildings that can be considered good examples of light textile architecture.

In light textile architectural applications, natural light enters the building, providing real and measurable energy savings.

This architectural style has many positive features; operational, social and environmental.

In the long run, the textile application can be dismantled quickly and effectively once operational demands are removed and infrastructure capacities are expanded.


What will remain in the building after that?

High-tech, long-lasting polymer composite fabrics can be easily recycled for sustainable reuse by entering the Texyloop recycling process for a second life.

Users want more flexibility as their building needs change. Lightweight textile solutions serve all design criteria in numerous models, both on the roof and on the facade, and excel in modular and multifunctional structures.


As a solution partner in the site of application with our company, Serge Ferrari is committed to anticipating and adapting changing needs to designers and users.