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Retractable Awning Systems

Solar control is a necessity that can be used in different areas of architectural structures. In order to determine the need for shading, as Neta Architecture, we consider the relationship between the location of the building and the usage areas, namely its direction. The need for shading of living spaces is examined according to the hours of use and it should be projected based on the direction of the sun.

As Neta Architecture, the materials used in the top cover in the types of shading systems we offer to our customers vary according to the selected system. While acrylic fabric is preferred in standard awning systems, alternatives can be preferred as fabric or aluminum in movable ceiling covers. The fact that the material used in fabric preference must have black-out feature is important in terms of protection from all the effects of the sun. Being a light material provides a great advantage. At the same time, the membrane used in suspension-stretch shading systems has the same properties. The flexible structure allows the creation of structures in different forms.

In addition to automatic awnings and pergolas for shading, we prefer to use perforated, screen-featured fabrics in vertical curtain systems, which are frequently used in shading, in a way that will not completely interrupt the outdoor-indoor relationship and prevent the existing view from being blocked.

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