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Polycarbonate: Robustness, Thermal Insulation, Aesthetics

Polycarbonate, which is a special group of thermoplastics, is a suitable material that is frequently used in the construction and modern manufacturing sector. It is easy to process, shape with heat, and put into a mold.

Polycarbonates have a solid construction; It can be used at all temperatures between -40 °C and +120 °C without any problems, it is also resistant to impacts. They have a light-permeable structure, they pass light better than many types of glass. Polycarbonate, which is widely used in the construction industry, can be produced in the desired color, thickness and dimensions and can be used in all areas. It is often preferred over glass due to its easy processing. It is an alternative material used in the production of sunroof systems and movable partition panels. Since it has a flexible structure, it provides productivity in architectural applications. It is used in domes and similar rounded structures. It is used instead of nylon in many modern greenhouses because it is also very successful in heat insulation. This material, which can also be used in the manufacture of eyeglasses, transmits harmful sun rays, but it can be made impermeable with a special UV protective coating according to the places where they will be used.

Roofs covered using polycarbonate sheets make both commercial and personal spaces more spacious and functional. Likewise, it is very easy to make aesthetic and durable winter gardens using polycarbonate. While the plates allow to benefit more from the sunlight, they also keep the bad weather conditions out and keep the temperature of the space.

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