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Your space, in full use, always on the move, multifunctional.


  • Large acoutsic sliding wall
  • Maximum 58 dB
  • Rectangular tubes, steel frame
  • Available in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic versions


Your space, in full use, always on the move, multifunctional.

The Palace XXL sliding wall is a double-walled sound-insulating sliding wall that offers you the opportunity to make optimal use of your space. You can divide the space into smaller units in an instant. From schools to theaters or conference rooms, the Palace XXL can be effortlessly integrated into any situation.

The Palace XXL is made up of a tubular steel frame, which is assembled from a tubular profile, and is fitted with 16 mm infill material on both sides. The individual plates are joined together by means of tongue and groove. At the ends, the panel is fitted with vertical aluminum profiles with sealing rubbers and magnetic tape. The panel is fitted with rubbers at the top and bottom. Optionally, the wall can also be provided with pressure pads, such as in the Palace panel walls, in order to achieve higher sound insulation values. An automatic (electrical) closure of these pressure slippers is often also possible. Even fully automatic walls are possible.



The ease of use of the Palace XXL is exceptionally good. The wall runs very smoothly through the rail construction by means of wheel sets with bearings. If necessary, grip cups can be placed for the purpose of sliding open or closed. The Palace XXL can also be supplied with a top folding handle if the wall is slid open between 2 walls. The version with pressure shoes can – depending on the layout – usually be supplied with one central control of the pressure shoes.