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Glass ceiling systems, which have been used mostly for the conversion of verandas into winter gardens in residences, have now turned into sunroof covers, which have become much more common with the smoking ban applied in our country. At the same time, automatic awning and glass sunroof systems are indispensable for businesses such as restaurants and cafes, which can be converted into an open space when necessary with its retractable roof feature. The advantage of being able to be closed in adverse weather conditions not only ensures the continuation of the function in the business or space, but also helps to protect the existing decoration elements. Glass roof covers definitely need a shading system in order to prevent the space from being adversely affected by the heat of the glass lens effect in the summer months. Folding awning, pleated curtain or externally applied winter garden curtain systems can meet this need. There are also fabric options suitable for interior design of automatic awning or folding curtain systems that can be applied manually or motorized. The fabric alternatives should be evaluated together with the heat and light transmittance needed for the designed space.

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