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Openable Roof Systems

Retractable roof systems, whose control is based on automation, are widely applied in almost all architectural building types. While automatic roof systems are a functional building element that provides life comfort, they are also capable of responding to aesthetic concerns with various material alternatives used at the same time.

Since the place of use is the roof, it is indispensable for the architectural detail solutions in the movable ceiling covers to be compatible with other building materials and to be supportive in terms of waterproofing and thermal insulation. In such systems with hollow profile details to ensure movement, the selection of wicks that provide insulation is very important, and EPDM or similar wicks made of raw materials that do not harden or break in adverse weather conditions over time, and that can show the necessary flexibility should be preferred.

The systems are detailed according to the application details and dimensions, instead of usage. In motorized roof systems, it is necessary to offer solutions that are both technically and aesthetically compatible with the project, functional in terms of use, and provide maximum benefit to the user. In order for the user to benefit economically, the selection of materials that can save energy for air conditioning is of great importance.

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