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Openable Roof Glass

They are collapsible roof cover systems designed with glass material, which can be opened telescopically at a rate of 50% – 66% – 75% with motor or manually. It offers a combination of daylight transmittance and spaciousness and comfort without breaking away from the natural environment in the space. In addition, they are systems that help to create pleasant spaces with the aesthetics of the glass and the perfectly solved application details.


Openable roof systems are built on aluminum or steel construction and are more durable and much longer lasting than alternative solutions in the face of snow load and wind load. Its collapsible feature adds flexibility to use in four seasons and provides total comfort. For this reason, it is also used as a winter garden. Motorized winter garden systems, together with insulating glass alternatives, minimize energy losses in heating and cooling spaces. It also offers advantages in energy saving as it makes maximum use of daylight. Neta Roof Systems, the opening glass roof can be applied in laminated glass or insulating glass material alternatives in accordance with the demand and need.