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Openable Glass Roof: Refreshment in the Comfort of Interior Spaces

Openable Glass Roof: Refreshment in the Comfort of Interior Spaces

Openable glass roof systems add aesthetics to interior spaces, while protecting spaces against seasonal conditions. Easy to install, sunroofs offer great convenience to users with manual or motorized use.

Retractable glass ceilings consist of glass roof modules that slide over each other and gather in a single area. Insulating glass can be used for thermal insulation in the production of sunroofs, or optionally polycarbonate material can be used. Glass panels can be produced in any desired color according to the preferences of the users. Sliding glass roof systems greatly increase the functionality of the spaces and can be used in 4 seasons. Making the most efficient use of daylight becomes possible with glass ceilings, and besides this comfort, bad weather conditions stay out of your living space. Glass ceilings, which increase the aesthetics of the place where they are installed, do not compromise on structural integrity.

The usage areas of glass sunroofs are also very wide. They make the terrace floors of restaurants, cafes or bars usable for 4 seasons. In addition, as an aesthetic addition to the attics and verandas of the residences; Enjoying both the sunlight and the stars at night becomes possible by using a glass sunroof.

One of the advantages it provides is that it reduces heating and cooling costs, as it provides a natural ventilation opportunity.

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