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Office Partition System

Office Partition Glass series is a perfect product for those who seek perfect aesthetics as well as functionality.

Single glass used in the system is applied by combining 3mm glass wicks and without using any metal profile. This perfect architectural solution finds many applications outside the office as well. These glass-to-glass systems, which are often seen in shops, showcase glasses, and interior partitions of exhibition areas, also help to create spaces in different styles with vertical or diagonal cuts. The glass thickness  is maximum 6+6mm laminated glass. The minimal doors that can be used in the system integrate with the system with its thin aluminum frame of only 2 cm. Dorma accessories are used for opening doors in Office Partition Glass systems. Text, logo or pattern work on the glass can be applied as desired by film coating or sandblasting method.

With this system, it is possible to create eye-catching spaces with ingeniously designed details and the light, stylish and luminous effect of glass.