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Movable Partition Panels Make Living Spaces Functional

Movable walls are building elements that divide any interior space as desired and make that space more functional.

While movable partition panels provide convenience to architects in the field of design, they also provide a great deal of comfort to their users. According to the wishes of the users, the partition panels can also have sound insulation properties, so the panels can provide much more than just dividing the spaces. The materials of the panels to be used can also affect the functionality of the partition system; While panels made of solid materials are used to divide areas clearly, panels made of glass and similar materials are preferred for those who cannot give up transparency. In addition, the fire and smoke protection that the panels offer optionally and the safety factor are not neglected. Movable partition systems, which can be produced in project-specific dimensions, also have great advantages with their ease of supply and installation. Even the way the panels are used can be designed according to the wishes of the users; Depending on the area where the panel will be installed, it is possible to install panels that are collected upwards or collected to the side on the rail system. From houses to meeting rooms, from congress centers to schools; With these building elements, it becomes possible for all kinds of work, activity and living spaces to be more efficient. For example, a very large conference room can be divided into 2 rooms of different or the same size for 2 different events. Or, if an indoor event with a meal is to be held, the best solution would be to use a movable partition when the part where the food is located is to be separated from the part where people will gather.

What can be done with movable partition walls can be limited only by the demands of the users. Hundreds of possibilities and functions become very easy with these movable building elements. 

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