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Modular Panel System Solution for Roofing Applications

Take daylight to another level with the Danpal Skylight System; a system that offers a variety of designs suitable for installation above or below various types of waterproofing translucent structures.

A wide variety of plug-in and waterproofing connectors made of polycarbonate or aluminum provide the flexibility of the system in engineering and design.

Danpal Shutter Systems, the newest and most advanced system of architectural canopy applications made with Microcell technology, are extremely resistant to impacts. The system is also suitable for use in different weather conditions and has high impact resistance. Many colors and finishes are available to spark your imagination.


The life of the system is further extended with the UV protection co-extruded from the mold in Danpal panels.


High resistance against impacts is provided with the micro-cell structure specific to the locked panel. The double-toothed clutch lock connection of the panel, which is extruded through the fastening systems, guarantees durability and longevity against strong winds, snow loads and hail damage.

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