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Luminous Roofs

Polycarbonate roof and polycarbonate facade applications, which come to the fore with the Danpal brand, attract a lot of attention by the building industry today, where durability, longevity and economy are gaining more importance in building materials. With polycarbonate systems, that offer solutions in which the light transmittance can be adjusted according to the needs of the project with transparent and semi-transparent alternative systems, maximum use of daylight is achieved, as well as energy savings.

Danpal systems, which offer a professional approach with locked polycarbonate sheet details for openable and fixed roofing systems, help to provide solutions that provide 100% watertightness. Locked panel length sizes can be evaluated on a project basis and can be produced in desired special dimensions up to 33 meters. This helps to provide seamless, clean and risk-free details on the roof and facade systems.

Skylight systems are lighter, more economical, more durable and long-lasting with Danpal polycarbonate panels.

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