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Light Architecture

The use of the light element in architecture is reflected in the designs of all building types and is even an indispensable source of emphasis for important works of urban fabric such as culture & art and sports complexes. Many buildings now meet light architecture with Danpal facade and roof system panels, which can create an aesthetic solution in night lighting while making maximum use of daylight. Thanks to its translucent feature and multi-cell structures, Danpal building panels, which diffuse the light and spread it homogeneously, providing a healthy and need-oriented light in the interior, provide a privileged appearance on the facades of the buildings with the support of LED lighting at night. Danpal polycarbonate panels can be easily preferred in roof skylight and facade lighting systems, facade cladding systems with high insulation performance and water tightness. In addition, it is possible to use polycarbon-based locked sheets together with different building materials in accordance with the building concept and to combine details.

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