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Lift to the Sky with DANPAL

With Skylight, façade systems, telescopic pool cover and movable ceiling systems, we make more use of daylight our focus. With the development of today’s modern building technologies, we offer you polycarbonate material in the most efficient way.

You will not renounce daylight with rooflights used in business centers, shopping centers, hospitals and even private residences, collapsible pools that can be used in all seasons, and movable ceiling systems. DANPAL polycarbonate sheets, which are used as top cover material, provide durability, insulation and flexibility in design. Danpal building products also provide an advantage as a facade material by reflecting the light homogeneously compared to glass.

Danpal is preferred in interior architecture as well as in facade and roof applications with its impact resistance, lightness and light transmittance properties. Thanks to this system, you will be protected from the harmful rays of the sun and you will experience the comfort at the maximum level. 

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