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Retractable ceiling systems, which have become indispensable elements of contemporary buildings, now create a four-season living space with the comfort brought by technology. In recent years, especially in buildings such as shopping malls, business centers, hotels and even in residences, the “open air” function has come to the fore, and the retractable ceiling covers, which provide comfort with heat and light control while providing the user with open air comfort, have turned into professional solutions with many material alternatives. Together with the openable awnings, which are more preferred for heat and light control in the summer months, the opening glass ceiling and winter gardens, which allow you to watch the sky and provide open air comfort in the winter months without interrupting the view, both eliminate aesthetic concerns and provide automatic curtain solutions for all seasons. It offers a perfect living space.
Retractable ceiling and façade systems seem to have become a new element of contemporary architecture with the value they add to the exterior.

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