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Glass to Glass System

Trenta Office Partition series are perfect and decorative systems that relax your working environment with stylish solutions, created for quiet working and meeting areas.

The Trenta Office Partition series, which can be used with glass or solid panels and can provide its continuity as a wall covering with partition walls in decoration in many areas such as office buildings, stores and hotels, has become one of the indispensable elements of interior architecture. The system thickness is 10 cm in total, the panel material used can be used up to 200 cm horizontally and provides a more uninterrupted visual. In the glass material option, a motorized blind with a button or remote control is also among the options. The partition system can be used with 90 degree or 135 degree corner turning profiles in accordance with the architecture without compromising the integrity. Filmed glass, satin glass, mirror can also be used in glass systems. It is in a supportive position for decoration by making logo, text or pattern works as desired with the film glass. Single and double wing doors can be opened at the required point. Different material options are also valid for the doors.

Trenta Office Partition series, which always stands out with its aesthetics, is a complementary and at the same time indispensable office need.