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Danpal Single Layer Facade System

Danpal Translucent Facades are waterproof translucent systems offered in a variety of configurations for different building types. Danpal Facade is lightweight and resists impacts, providing excellent protection against weather conditions.

When it comes to a perfect facade, the key is to achieve balance. Excessive daylight causes unwanted glare and an uncomfortable ambient temperature. Using materials superior to glass in terms of flexibility, transparency and tonal qualities, the polycarbonate sheet establishes a perfect balance between light and heat dynamics on all types of facades.

Danpal facade systems provide an ideal thermal comfort with their superior insulation properties.

With its unique translucency, it distributes the light evenly and relaxes your eyes.

Building design professionals can control the amount of light, hide various building elements, or integrate them with traditional layers to create surprising visual contrasts; so architects can play with light. With our wide range of colours, textures, finishes and lighting effects, we offer you many options to create inspiring facades that shine during the day and turn into light boxes at night.

Translucent panel – Superior light diffusion
Thanks to its unique structure, the facade panel transmits natural light in a balanced way. With the specific design to light architecture applications, an aesthetically impressive appearance is provided by the beams being very close to each other.
Unmatched design flexibility

By hiding the joints, flush surfaces are created that can be bent and twisted when necessary.
The load resistance is increased with the high security double claw lock system.
Strong thermal insulation

Excellent thermal insulation is provided by Danpal Facade’s unique cell design. Improvements to the ‘U’ and ‘R’ values ​​significantly increase the overall energy efficiency of a building.

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