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Capture Quality and Aesthetics with Polycarbonate Facades

Polycarbonate materials are among the preferred building materials in many areas with their features such as being easy to form with cold bending possibilities, being durable and reliable. Polycarbonate, which can provide very strong light transmittance, heat and sound insulation, is also among the favorite materials in the construction industry.

As traditional building materials lose their durability faster over time, they have been replaced by polycarbonate sheets. It has wide usage areas such as various business centers, roof skylight applications, winter gardens, fixed or collapsible pools, general usage areas such as bus stops, billboards.

Polycarbonate sheets are also a preferred product for facade cladding. In addition to creating an aesthetic and contemporary appearance of the spaces, it also ensures that the infiltrating daylight is homogeneously distributed. This structure, which is suitable for the ecological cycle and natural conditions, is an environmentally friendly structure that collects water on its surface, prevents the spread of fire and protects it from the harmful rays of the sun. It also allows for original designs along with lighting on the façade.

Trust our company’s vision and know-how, and let us help you benefit from daylight in your projects, lightness and spread over a wide range of design with DANPAL.

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