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Capture Aesthetics with Our Retractable Shading Systems

One of the first solutions that comes to mind when it comes to shading is pergola. The origin of the word pergola is based on the Latin word “pergula” meaning “fringe”. In the following times, the word Pergola became a universal word containing the same expression in many languages ​​through Italian and gained its current meaning.

Neta Pergola systems are a shading element that can be installed on aluminum or steel carriers, can be controlled with a remote control, and offer lighting options according to the purpose of use. In line with the spread of open-air culture and the needs of city life, the system has been developed further and designed to be turned into an area suitable for use in all seasons. Vertical façade elements can sometimes be opening glass joinery systems, and sometimes windbreak blinds.

Thanks to the remote control, the automatic opening awning provides ventilation to the desired extent, while protecting it from adverse weather conditions such as rain, strong wind and snow. The special block-out membranes used in the top cover provide both high shading and watertightness. It is suitable for safe use in all weather conditions.

If you want to combine aesthetic and quality features with a reliable company option, we will be with you as Neta Architecture.

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