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As ‘Transparent’ Offices as You Want

Glass office partition systems are among the most trendy, stylish, functional and contemporary office partition systems of recent times. However, visual or auditory transparency may not always be necessary or preferable for every location.

For example, in the design of a meeting room in an office environment, options that can cut transparency visually can be preferred when absolutely necessary. In this case, balance can be achieved by applying electric window films, fixed and patterned window films, tinted windows, and even with partially filled partitions and transitions. However, preventing noise-sound escapes was always a problem of glass partition systems. As Neta Architecture, with our double glazing system that we offer with our partner Nedd Office systems, we both leave visual transparency and light to your desire and increase the sound insulation value to the range of 42-46 db. Within the scope of your project, we are ready to serve you for an office partition system solution with a stylish design with elegant details, benefiting from the permeability of glass and its aesthetic contributions.

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